The Owl

Disco funk soul house

mice ferrets  

Latest/upcoming releases (vinyl)

owl records 005

the owl - sly lovin ep

a1. on it

a2. boogie

b1. gettin down

b2. sly lovin 


Editorial records 

raw funk ep

B2. The Owl - Funky Feelin

out now

cardiology records

the owl - universal funk ep


a1. soul on fire

a2. universal funk

b1. funk town

b2. concrete soul 

OUT in january

Owl records 006

the owl - pure heat ep

a1. spank no mo

a2. pure heat

b1. hots fo you

b2. papa do

out in january

Owl records 007

the owl - Boogie man ep

a1. those kicks 

a2. chance

b1. feel it

b2. boogie man

out in february